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The Worldwide Agudas Chassidei Chabad (“Aguch”) under the leadership of the Lubavitcher Rebbe זי"ע , is the central umbrella organization of the Chabad-Lubavitch Chassidic movement, uniting all Chabad Chassidim throughout the world. Aguch is the pre-eminent Chabad body to which all other Chabad institutions and organizations around the globe are connected, and which is responsible for representing them to the outside world and for coming to their aid when they are in distress. Aguch has the further responsibility to clarify the policies of the Chabad movement regarding every public issue.
This central position of Agudas Chassidei Chabad is no mere external, organizational function. Rather, it expresses Aguch’s true inner essence, as frequently expressed in the Rebbe’s sichos, replies and directives. Notable examples of this are: a) the Rebbe’s directive, in a handwritten reply after the passing of the Rebbetzin נ"ע , that all her possessions be transferred to the ownership of Aguch as soon as possible; b) the Rebbe’s signed last will and testament bequeathing all his possessions to Aguch.
The main function of Agudas Chassidei Chabad has always been, as its name implies, to combine all Chabad Chassidim into a single group and to promote their soul-bond with the source of their spiritual vitality – by means of hiskashrus (spiritual attachment) to our Rebbes and following in their paths, study of Chassidus,conduct in accordance with Chassidic custom and values, and spreading Yiddishkeit and the wellsprings of Chassidus outward.
This central function was specified, clarified and further expanded during a special yechidus to which the Rebbe invited the board members of the Worldwide Agudas Chassidei Chabad on the 9th of MarCheshven, 5749 (10/20/88). The Rebbe's words were later transcribed by those present and edited by the Rebbe in his own handwriting. At that yechidus, the Rebbe directed Aguch to erect an organizational apparatus to supervise, communicate and coordinate between the board members and all Chabad shluchim and institutions around the world.
Its initial activity, the Rebbe said, should be to send all Chabad institutions worldwide a letter, which the Rebbe – in his handwritten additions to the transcript – designated as "michtav ham'kasher hak'lali" ("the letter for generally binding [everyone] together"), to inform them about the points mentioned at the yechidus.
As part of this function to serve as the body for “generally binding together” all Chabad Chassidim in the world, Agudas Chassidei Chabad has in recent years actively arranged for farbrengens (Chassidic gatherings) marking special Chabad anniversaries during the year, to be held in all Chabad communities around the world.
These gatherings are led by select Chabad shluchim and mashpi'im sent to each community for this specific purpose. This activity, in the spirit of mivtza hak'hel, connects and binds together all Chabad communities worldwide with the goal of "bringing about the era of Moshiach" and bringing to fruition the Divine promise of "Arise and exult, [you] who dwell in the dust," with our Rebbe זי"ע leading us in the true, ultimate Redemption.
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