9th Marcheshven, 5749

The Rebbe called a most unusual special meeting of the board members of Agudas Chassidei Chabad. It was the first time he had ever called such a meeting except in connection with the case concerning the Library. To those present, the content of the Rebbe’s words and the fact that the Rebbe immediately edited the transcript made it obvious how much significance the Rebbe attached to this historic meeting. The following is a free translation:

During this past month of Tishrei, representatives have visited here from more places than ever before. I have had great satisfaction observing how junior shluchim have matured to the point of being able to stand on their own, and accordingly the shluchim are already appointing their own shluchim. I was pleased to see how they have developed and matured, and they deserve to be helped and encouraged even more than has been the case until now.

For this purpose, there should be a committee here – including representatives from here – with whom the shluchim can consult and to whom they can report whatever is necessary, and which can give them advice, if needed, about how to expand their work even more than until now.

This committee should exist on a permanent basis, so that shluchim can always remain in touch with it. It should consist of those now present here, and others should be added who may have more time and perhaps are younger, so that they can travel around more.

The information about whom the shluchim can consult should be publicized immediately.

Particularly now – that, for example, regarding the Israeli elections, in which until now Chabad has never been involved, yet it has now taken a position for many reasons – a public clarification is sometimes required.

This committee should include several members – who can be changed from time to time – among whom the committee’s various functions should be distributed. All those present here are included and, as mentioned, others can be added; indeed, it would be most desirable. Hopefully, this will bring even more success than until now.

At the present time, there is even more potential for activities and accomplishments. As mentioned, this should be done by Agudas Chabad, and the various functions should be distributed among you, with the addition of several other members.

Some shluchim in certain places have already grown to the extent that they can no longer be given directives about what to do, as has been the arrangement until now, that they used to report here and receive directives from here. Based on their great success and the fact that they are acquainted with their local situation and what it requires, they have already grown to the point that they can be relied upon. The time has come, in my opinion, to add to those present here also representatives of other lands – from Eretz Yisroel, California and other lands where there are wide-ranging activities. When necessary, those out of town can be contacted by phone, so that it is as if they are actually present here.

I specially called for this meeting to be hastened and held immediately, when the guests have just left from here in recent days, while this topic is still “warm.” If members are added, I will be happy if they are from other lands such as Eretz Yisroel, California and other places. While this topic is still “warm,” it should be discussed among you, so that there be a follow-up.

Probably you will hold a meeting right away today, mainly about adding others not here physically. It should include discussions and decisions, so as to increase the success of the work.

It is preferable to write, immediately today, a general letter to everyone in order to follow up on these topics. The shluchim should receive this letter very soon after their visits here, and it should include the address to where they should write. If those out of town have suggestions to offer, they are welcome to do so.

On a previous occasion, I have already called for documentation of Chabad institutions to be arranged legally, by a good attorney. This includes Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, Machne Israel, Agudas Chabad, Iggud Hashluchim etc. The same applies to all other places; proper documentation – for tax exemption and the like – should be registered officially for each institution. A chairman and secretary should be selected immediately for those institutions already in existence, and those in the midst of making these arrangements through an attorney, that they should have tax exemption, which is for the institution’s own benefit. Perhaps there are other points that can be remedied by doing this.

Another fundamental point: A central building is to be constructed here, and the foundation stone has already been laid (in a ceremony with the participation of Mr. David Chase). A central building will be built, with offices for Merkos, Machne Israel, Agudas Chabad etc. This construction should be hastened, and everything should be done legally.
Likewise in Eretz Yisroel: Presently there is a need to deal with very religious Jews and with those who call themselves secular. There, too, it is necessary to ensure the required legal status just as it is necessary here. There, too, a central building is to be constructed, probably in Kfar Chabad. It is necessary to prepare there the important requirements, and to appoint individuals to whom you should write that they make proposals concerning all this, and following that, these will be considered here, too. They should be informed about this meeting, and what has been stated by me concerning this, because otherwise I don’t know when the project will happen. But, with Hashem’s help, everything will proceed smoothly, which will save much confusion. The letter should be written, and contact should be continued year round. It is preferable to send here copies of the institutions’ documentation, and we will remain in touch concerning these.

Furthermore, and this is also fundamental, it should be officially registered here that a certain individual is responsible for Chabad affairs in each city or state.
It is not essential to decide all these matters today, but there should be no interruption in the process of determination.

Those Chabad institutions that already have legal documentation should clarify whether any changes etc. need to be made, and this process should be started immediately.  If, in some places, this process has not yet begun, it doesn’t matter whether this takes several more days or weeks and so on. But the general letter to bind everyone together [michtov ham’kasher hak’loli] should be sent out immediately, while the topic is still “warm.”
As mentioned, everyone present here should be in this committee, and preferably more members should be added. The documentation should be arranged through an attorney, and this should be done as soon as possible. And the faster it is done, the more praiseworthy, and it should be with great success.

To conclude on a good note: As mentioned, I was pleased to see how far they have grown, and how much those involved in Chabad activities can be relied upon, and how much they have already accomplished and been successful.
As noted, it is of fundamental importance to arrange the official documentation, etc. This is important to counteract any complaints that some may have. If it is known that it is an official institution, registered in Washington etc., no one will disturb them in the first place.

An official secretary should be selected who will do the writing, and I would also be happy if more than one person is involved in the writing.

It seems that my father-in-law is working on a broad front, which is why there is such great success!
We should hear good news, and the more that is accomplished, and the faster it is accomplished, the more praiseworthy.

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